Engagement: Wibiya

Use:  Increase user engagement and drive desired actions; provide added value to advertiser’s site or page by driving user to desired action

Wibiya is a technology that helps publishers target certain site visitors and attempt to prompt a specific action.  The technology adds a toolbar to the site which can be targeted to a specific audience, e.g. new users, returning visitors, visitors coming from search engines or from a designated site, by geographic location, by device, etc.   The toolbar then suggests an action (designated by publisher), such as share on social media, recommended content, search, follow and subscribe or custom message.

For an example of the toolbar in action, click here.

According to Wibiya, “when setting up rules, you can add many different audience options, and target the site visitors accordingly. So for example, you could set up one rule for your homepage, and another for returning visitors, and a different one for a specific day of the week.”  It’s not clear whether or not you can add multiple toolbars across different pages.


Editor and Publisher: Wibiya Bar Creates Personal Web Experience