Chat: Twubs

Use:  engage users with a hosted Twitter chat; provide sponsorship opportunities for advertisers

Twubs is a Twitter chat platform built on the official Twitter API that helps set-up, promote and execute Twitter chat sessions.

The new chat tools, according to the Wall Street Journal: “…allow chat organizers to easily create a public-branded homepage for their Twitter Chat. Once created, organizers can add their chat to a global calendar to be discovered by new users. In addition to advanced SPAM filtering, the Twubs interface separates out host messages from the regular feed allowing participants to more easily follow the conversation. Late chat participants can quickly get up to speed on the conversation by viewing the host’s Tweets at a separate and designated area above the feed….Twubs Twitter Chat Tools also include spam and abuse blocking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), branding and many other features to support chat organizers and social media managers. The tools interface is designed to be simple and easy to use for both novice and more experienced Twitter users.”

News organizations can tap into their extensive Twitter following and, using platforms like Twubs, build additional followers, and schedule discussions on high-interest local topics.   Newspaper should consider collaborating on a single chat platform and sell national advertisers across a range of local newspaper chat sessions.


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Content Aggregation: GuardianWitness

Use:  Establish deeper connections with your community by facilitating sharing of content from the community to the news outlet; bolster an advertiser’s product with “testimonials” from community

Guardian News and Media created the GuardianWitness platform (Web and mobile app) which allows people to easily share text, photos and videos directly with Guardian editorial staff and view what other citizens are contributing.  Some contributions could be featured in Guardian digital on print publications.

The Guardian posts “assignments” and asks for community contributions.  Recent assignment themes ranged from “How fast is your pet?” and “Your pressure cooker recipes” to more serious “Turkey demonstrations” and “student feminism.”  Each assignment has a defined life-span.  One of the more popular recent “closed” assignments was Top pets: naughty kittens and cheeky cats which had 869 contributions.

Other media have established formal sharing platforms, such as CNN’s iReport.   The value to news organizations is deeper community connections and increased engagement (particularly if shared content is featured on the core media sites), not to mention the possibility of enhancing hard news stories.   The platform could also be used to help advertisers, e.g.  sharing “fashion” photos of recently purchased outfits from Macy’s.


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