Engagement: Askem

Use: Involve community in news process by getting feedback and interaction; increase engagement with advertising content

Askem is a new app that media companies can use to better engage their audience.  With the app, media companies create an image, ask a question and imbed up to five different answers.   After sharing the image on Facebook or Twitter, users can click on their preferred answer and Askem will tabulate responses.  Users registered with Askem can also comment on the question.

Here’s an example of how a news organization might use the app to get opinions about NSA whistleblower Edwin Snowden.   The sports department, as another example, could upload an image of a potential draft choice and get users’ opinions on whether not he/she would be a good fit for the team.  Or, the ad department could create an image for Macy’s showing three different dresses and ask which one women prefer most.

More examples of “Askems” are here.


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Content Development: Vizify

Use:  Increased engagement by making users feel more connected to staff; branding tool for advertisers

Vizify is a free tool that creates slide show biographies based on your social media activity.  The easy-to-use tool assembles tweets, LinkedIn profile data, Facebook activity and Foursquare activity to automatically create a video slide show.  You can also add “Vizcards” (sort of a personal infographic), quotes, factoids and photos. The presentation can be easily edited before making live.  Mine — created in about 90 seconds — is here.

A new feature creates an actual video based on your Twitter activity, including tweets, photos and video.  Mine was too boring to show here.

Media companies could use the tool to help better connect users to personalities (reporters, broadcasters, etc.) or as part of a backgrounder for people in the news (provided they have created a Vizify video).  Because the data assembled is all from publicly available sources, perhaps Vizify someday will allow media to build videos of third-parties.   I can also envision using the tool as an added branding vehicle for advertisers.


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Engagement: Wibiya

Use:  Increase user engagement and drive desired actions; provide added value to advertiser’s site or page by driving user to desired action

Wibiya is a technology that helps publishers target certain site visitors and attempt to prompt a specific action.  The technology adds a toolbar to the site which can be targeted to a specific audience, e.g. new users, returning visitors, visitors coming from search engines or from a designated site, by geographic location, by device, etc.   The toolbar then suggests an action (designated by publisher), such as share on social media, recommended content, search, follow and subscribe or custom message.

For an example of the toolbar in action, click here.

According to Wibiya, “when setting up rules, you can add many different audience options, and target the site visitors accordingly. So for example, you could set up one rule for your homepage, and another for returning visitors, and a different one for a specific day of the week.”  It’s not clear whether or not you can add multiple toolbars across different pages.


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