Content Distribution: Google In-Depth Stories

Use:  Increase exposure of related content to articles that show up in Google search

In early August, Google began rolling out a new search feature called “In-Depth Articles.”  The feature will surface content relevant to specific search results to provide users with more background on searched topics.  According to Google:  “these results are ranked algorithmically based on many signals that look for high-quality, in-depth content.”  (See link below to similar Twitter feature launched on August 20).

So, for example, if a user searches for Edwin Snowden,  a list of in-depth articles will appear below search results and might include stories about the NSA Prism program, reaction from foreign governments, tensions between the U.S. and Russia over granting of asylum, etc.

Google offers a variety of tips to optimize this feature, including a logo and implementing aspects of article, markup, authorship markup and, for paid sites, first click free.


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Content Mapping: NewsRel

Use:  Increase user engagement my mapping original and related stories; provide more geo-targeted inventory

NewsRel is a new (and as of this posting unreleased app technology) featured at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY Hackathon.  According to TechCrunch, the app “currently uses Reuters‘ RSS feed and analyzes the stories, looking for clusters of related stories and then puts them on the map….In addition to this, the team built an algorithm that picks the most important sentences from each story to summarize it for you.”

The technology is still in development but you can see how media companies can use the platform to help users find news “near me” and increase opportunities to sell geo-targeted advertising.


TechCrunch: NewsRel Uses Machine Learning To Summarize News Stories And Put Them On A Map