Apps for Media aggregates recent news on new digital apps, tools and technology that could provide additional value to media organizations and their customers.   The technology highlighted here could enhance user engagement, increase advertiser ROI or streamline operations.  This blog does not attempt to evaluate or endorse products/services (at least not yet) but rather to expose media professionals to technology that I think has interesting potential.

Who am I?   I have spent my entire adult life in digital media dating back to 1979 with the first graphics-based online service in the U.S. (something we used to call Videotext).  I was one of the first 30 employees in AOL’s start-up phase and for the past 20+ years have been helping the newspaper industry understand and leverage emerging media platforms.

I encourage you to comment on any of the technology mentioned.  If you come across an interesting new application (and are not shilling for any particular company) or are currently using a new media technology successfully, let me know and I’ll feature it here.

Randy Bennett


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