Social Media: NewsWhip Spike

Use:  Identify conversations or stories with a local angle that are trending on social media sites

On my previous post, I share information on Geofeedia, a tool to search social media sites for activity related to a specific locality.  NewsWhip Spike is a similar tool that tracks “social signals” identifying hot stories or popular conversations and allows publishers to narrow the search to specific regions.  So far, the service features 50 U.S. cities as well as cities and regions in Canada, Germany and the UK.

According to an article on “Stories are ranked by ‘social velocity’ how much and how fast it is trending on socSocial Media: NewsWhip Spikeial media, categorised into time periods of the last hour, three hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. The locales featured on Spike are chosen by regional importance or population density as “you need a metro market to be a certain size before you have much local press.”

As with Geofeedia, NewsWhip Spike could be a helpful tool for journalists to surface local stories they are unaware of or track how and which published stories are trending.  It could also be useful to help advertisers track stories that contain their brand.

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One thought on “Social Media: NewsWhip Spike

  1. Liam from NewsWhip here. Thanks for the coverage Randy, for any readers interested, we currently offer a free trial to new users. Sign up and you’ll never miss a trending story again!

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