Content Development: Creatavist

Use:  Easily develop new, multimedia products to increase user engagement and create new advertising inventory

Creatavist, from long-form content site Atavist, allows publishers to easily integrate text, audio, video and other interactive elements into an e-book or other large content package and instantly publish it across apps, e-book platforms and the Web.  Creatavist (still in Beta) is a cloud-based platform and requires no expertise to create multimedia content.

Creatavist joins other multimedia content publishing tool developers such as Vook and Apple’s iBooks Author, to help media companies re-purpose and monetize existing content or create new product lines and revenue streams.  Vook, at one time, was promoting their own self-publishing tool but it now appears that they have retreated to their original service of creating and distributing books for you.  iBooks Author does allow for self-publishing but only to the iTunes store.

Creatavist users include The Wall Street Journal, The Paris Review and TED.


CU-Boulder: Innovative Digital Storytelling for News

Book Business: Future Think: Atavist

Daniel Dalton: In Praise of Creatavist




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