Data Mining: Enigma

Use: Powerful tool for journalists to access and analyze publicly available data

Enigma (described as the “Google for public data”) sets out to “harmonize” publicly available data by providing tools to easily access millions of data points across thousands of diverse, public databases.   According to TechCrunch, the New York Startup (which won TechCrunch’s NY Disrupt competition and includes funding from The New York Times), “taps into over 100,000 public data sources from state and federal records to SEC filings to lists of frozen assets in the United Kingdom all the way to Crunchbase. The end result is an incredibly simple, incredibly smart way to sift through and find connections in publicly available data…”

They are now accepting requests for a free trial here.

TechCrunch: Enigma makes unearthing and Sifting Through Public Data a Breeze
VentureBeat: Enigma brings the deep, dark world of public data to light
Datanami: Claims to Demystify Data; Receives Round


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