Content Distribution: Repost.Us

Use: Increase distribution of selected content ; broaden reach for advertisers; drive traffic for other site content

Repost.Us allows publishers to share the entire contents of a Web page by allowing other sites to embed that content using Repost’s technology (similar to how YouTube allows publishers to grab code to embed video on their sites/blogs, etc.).  Repost argues that consumers are more likely to engage with the original content than click on just a link to that content.  The original publisher gets credit for the page view and the advertising on that page and, if story pages are constructed strategically, provide promotion to other content on the publisher’s site.

Advance is one of Repost’s customers, offering content from, OregonLive and  Repost is free for publishers and generates revenue by embedding an additional ad in the content and also providing distribution services to marketers.


Mashable: Repost.Us Give Publishers an Easy Way to Syndicate Articles Online
TechCrunch: An End To The Aggregation Debate? Repost Makes It Easy To Embed Articles
The Next Web: With 3M articles shared, Repost launches publicly to help protect how content goes viral online


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